You may have received multiple notifications for multiple Funnel X systems.

Maybe you are a Funnel X Project member and received a notification about Funnel X Advance or Funnel X2 or Funnel X ROI

If you would like to promote MULTIPLE Funnel X systems you can do so.  Just please note you will have to REGISTER to each system separately... (they are NOT all the same login)

Just keep in mind that EACH system is a separate program and has its own unique features and benefits.

Its highly recommended you start with 1, and once you master the art of getting traffic, earning commissions and earning a steady income, then you could incorporate ANOTHER system into your business.

The systems do not conflict each other since they each have their own unique programs built in to help you earn commissions.

But again, unless you are an advanced marketer with an existing list of subscribers, its recommended you just start with ONE funnel x system so you don't get confused.