If you started promoting but do not yet see any results like sales or commissions it could be for several reasons.

#1. You may be using an incorrect link to promote, in which case, simply CHECK your link to see that it actually is going to your lead capture page.

#2. You may have set up your system incorrectly, in which case, simply TEST it by clicking on your own promotion link and register with a different email address and go through the entire funnel to make sure your affiliate links are showing in each step.

#3. You may have used a low quality traffic vendor. Not all vendors have the same type of traffic, some have better traffic than others.

#4. You may have used a low quality traffic source like traffic exchanges, safe lists, pop up traffic, etc. using this type of traffic will get you no where... 

#5. You may have not allowed enough time for the subscribers to go through your follow up sequence.  If the traffic run just finished, don't expect much to happen just yet, you need to let the subscribers go through the entire follow up sequence and receive all the emails.

#6. You may not be building your email list (if you skipped the auto responder offer) 

This is a big mistake because if you are not building your online email list you will have a very hard time online, if you DO start collecting subscribers and building your email list, you'll be able email them again and again and promote any product you like.

#7. You may not have sent enough visitors to your link, to build a successful online business you need ONGOING visitors to keep viewing your link, its best to set up a weekly budget of 300-500 visitors per week and just keep getting visitors each day/week so your business continues to grow.