What payment options should I use for easy1up?

There are multiple options available, depending on which country you are in.

If you are in the US / Canada, the company collection may be an option for you, they do charge a fee to process the payment, but you do not have to deal with it yourself.

If you want to collect yourself:

There are some basic payment options you should include if you are collecting yourself like:

#1. An address 

(people can simply send you checks, money order, even cash payments)

#2. Bitcoin

Get yourself a bitcoin wallet and give folks an option to send you bitcoin.

(this is not a very common option but its becoming more and more mainstream...)

#3. Digital payment

If stripe is available in your country, you should look into getting a stripe account, at the moment (April 2020) it integrates with easy1up (just keep in mind that could change in the future...)

#4. Transferwise

When you signup to transferwise you can get a local US bank account, and if you have clients who want to send you a direct deposit, you can use this account to receive payments.

#5. Merchant account.

Another option is you can ask around about getting an actual merchant account in your country, businesses around you are processing visa payments all the time, 

Just note that this is probably an option for later once you have an established business and are processing payments on a regular basis.

You will most likely need to have a business entity / company to get a merchant account.

How to set these payment options?

simply log into your easy1up account first (do this from a PC, not a mobile phone)

And you can set the payment collection method to "I will collect myself"

and then simply give instructions to your buyers how to send you money.


send checks or money orders to:

Name: Bob Smith

123 main st

Anytown, NY

Or send bitcoin to this wallet address:

Or pay with credit card at this website: https://mywebsite.com/pay

or ANY other method you accept money.