The primary way to earn commissions with Funnel X Advance is to share your affiliate link / link to promote.

You can promote any way you like, free traffic, or paid traffic.  (just make sure not to spam anyone...)

There are several levels of commissions you can earn.

As a starter level member (free membership) you simply earn pay per lead commissions for each lead you refer to your promotion link.

As long as they pass the qualification criteria within 48 hours of joining then you get awarded that pay per lead commission.

Yes, you don't need to sell anything to earn commissions with Funnel X Advance, you can simply refer leads and earn commissions just for referring members into the program.

You simply SHARE your unique promotion link (you'll see this inside the system once you log in) and each time you refer a lead and they pass the internal qualification process, you earn a commission.

You can also earn additional commissions and income streams with our premium levels, which are all explained inside the members area.

Any commissions you generate will be paid out on the 27th of each month for all the PREVIOUS months commissions.

Minimum payment threshold of $30 is required for a payout.

When you have commissions due, you'll receive an email on the 27th of the month notifying you about your pending commissions.

And the payouts are done through Transferwise  (get your account here)

(you DO NOT need to notify us about the details of your bank account or paypal or anything like that, we don't need those details, just wait until you receive the email on the 27th and it will guide you on how to deposit your funds)

All payments are sent out in USD.